Business Services Membership

Any premium finance company, computer company, TPA, attorney, claims service, forms companies and other product suppliers, other than retail insurance producers, or any Wholesale Insurance Member is eligible to apply for Business Services Membership.

Membership Criteria

  1. Subscribe to the purposes of the Association as set forth in the Mission Statement, and Bylaws and to the following sections of the Code of Ethics adopted by the Board of Directors of the membership as a whole. Such Code of Ethics sections may be amended from time to time:
    • Intra-organizational
    • Financial
    • Legal Responsibilities
    • Community Obligations
  2. An applicant must submit at least three (3) favorable letters from sponsoring Wholesale Insurance Members of this Association in good standing.
  3. To be elected to Business Services Membership, the applicant must receive the favorable vote of a majority of the Board of Directors of this Association.

Business Service Member Dues: $2,000

Click to download AAMGA Business Services Application Form