AAMGA Member Benefits

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AAMGA Brand Value and Reputation

The AAMGA has served as the trade association to the international wholesale insurance community and the professionals comprising the marketplace since 1926. The strengths of the AAMGA are the respected experience, sustainability, integrity and professionalism of its members, as well as the continuity of the Association’s representation of its members in the industry, government and the communities.

The AAMGA’s reputation in the industry is second to none.  Its brand has come to represent honesty, professionalism and integrity throughout the insurance industry. Placing the AAMGA brand on business cards, website, letterhead and marketing materials, identifies you as being associated with a world class professional trade association. To read more about the AAMGA’s member benefits, click here to see the “Success by Association” brochure.

The AAMGA’s brand is evident in its regular interaction with legislators, regulators, other domestic and international insurance industry associations and practitioners, Lloyd’s, and other insurance markets. The AAMGA also places advertisements in the trade press regularly to further enhance the awareness and value of the wholesale distribution network.

To learn more about the AAMGA, click on this link to see a short video of our efforts. To learn more about the value of managing general agents and the wholesale insurance distribution network, click on his link to watch a short video. Or click here to read about the AAMGA’s rich history and bright future.

Details about membership in the AAMGA can be found here.

Heritage of Integrity and Professionalism

Since 1926, the AAMGA has earned its reputation of integrity and professionalism.  The value of the AAMGA brand provides and assures confidence of the member’s excellence.  Membership is achieved only by those who can meet the selective requirements and also provide confirmation of compliance with the AAMGA’s Code of Ethics.

Relationships and Networking

One of the greatest benefits of AAMGA membership is in the making and fostering of relationships with one’s business partners and networking with other industry peers. Friendships and Partnerships among AAMGA members are much like the question of whether the chicken or the egg came first. Whether a friendship evolved into a business relationship, or the other way around, it is the trust and reliability members have with one another that underlies the success of transacting business.

Through these networking opportunities, young professionals have access to and can gain valuable insights, ideas, and skills from veteran insurance professionals. They also acquire a feel for the business and economic cycles that are the nature of the industry, to better prepare them for their roles as their career journey takes them to the next step and beyond.

Wholesale Insurance Network On-Line

The wholesale insurance community also has an on-line network. Click here to join other AAMGA members build relationships, share news and information, and become part of the industry’s largest social network of wholesale industry professionals on LinkedIn.

AAMGA Annual Meeting

The AAMGA convenes an annual convention where wholesale insurance professionals come together to network, exchange ideas and foster relationships.  The meeting includes:

  • an Agents and Brokers Lounge to facilitate meetings and conduct business in a professional atmosphere,
  • educational sessions,
  • presentations by industry and world leaders,
  • an industry trade show at which vendors and business partners can provide details on their products and services,
  • company receptions,
  • events for the spouse and family members,
  • golf and tennis tournaments, and
  • other events all at venues that complement the professionalism for which the AAMGA is recognized. 

Prior speakers have included: General Colin Powell; Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Sam Donaldson; Chris Wallace; Dr. Nancy Snyderman; Cokie Roberts; George Will; Bill O’Reilly, General Tommy Franks, Lisa Ling; Vice President Daniel Quayle; George Stephanapoulis; Buzz Aldrin; Secretary Jack Kemp; Dave Barry; Jean-Michel Cousteau; General Norman Schwarzkopf and others.

A Gala Dinner and entertainment at the conclusion of each annual meeting afford members to enjoy one another’s company in a special setting. Entertainers have included: Jay Leno; the Beach Boys; Cirque du Soleil; John Clease; KC & The Sunshine Band; Wayne Brady; Tony Bennett; Vince Gill; and others.

The meeting also recognizes members who have achieved the certifications of Certified Insurance Wholesaler (CIW), and as a Certified Managing General Agency (CMGA). Click here to learn more about the AAMGA’s designations and criteria to achieve them. Awards are also presented to members who have distinguished themselves in marketing, advertising, internet and community service efforts.

Where else can you network with your industry colleagues and business partners in one place for three days?

Access to Various Vendors

The AAMGA offers members access to many vendors at the annual meeting, and throughout the year.  The “Trade and Vendor Show” provides a platform for the members to talk to various vendors about their products.  Exhibitors represent services from premium financing companies, software vendors, inspection companies, claims services, engineering firms, and imaging companies to name a few. Members can take advantage of these many resources in one place and see the products first hand as the vendors demonstrate their products.

You can access all the vendor information at any time on our website, just click here, then click “Business Services”. Here you will find the database that includes a company profile, relevant information and a company logo embedded into the website.

Insurance and Legislative Roundtable

The AAMGA’s Fall Meeting held each November, has been branded as the “Insurance & Legislative Roundtable Meeting.” It brings together AAMGA members and enables them to have access to and learn from a broad array of industry leaders in general plenary and individual roundtable sessions.

Industry leaders provide expert commentary on the state of the market, the impact of insurance regulations and legislation on the wholesale insurance industry, and other relevant topics of interest. Roundtables address industry conditions and future trends, issues and solutions among member operations, and new products and services members can adapt to provide greater benefits to their customers.

Click here for Part 1 and click here for Part 2 of a podcast of the 2008 Legislative Panel discussion.

AAMGA University

The AAMGA is certified by all 50 state insurance departments, and by the Society of Human Resource Professionals (SHRM), www.shrm.org, and the Chartered Insurance Institute, www.cii.co.uk/cii.aspx to provide accredited continuing education workshops and relevant educational programs for our members.  Instructors are recognized within the wholesale insurance industry as thought leaders and educators. Classes are focused on specialized lines of business and educational tracks. Click here for a listing of upcoming education and professional development sessions.

The University also offers On-Line CE courses and classes designed specifically for the employees and customers of members in their respective offices.
One example of an on-line educational offering is an “E-Kit” Guide on “How to Write Excess & Surplus Lines Business.” Click here to view the step-by-step guidebook.

Being an AAMGA member enables you to take exclusive advantage of the many AAMGA workshops, member sessions and courses offered at our business meetings.

University Weekends offer insights into many different industry topics such as:

  • Human Resources
  • Climate Change
  • Commercial Property
  • Commercial Auto/Trucking
  • Employment Practices Liability
  • Emerging Exposures
  • Cyber Security
  • Professional Liability
  • Personal Lines Underwriting
  • Garage Risks Liability
  • Additional Insureds & Certificates of Insurance
  • Construction Defects
  • Business Ethics
  • Underwriting in Challenging Markets
  • Workers Compensation
  • General Liability
  • Business Planning
  • Negotiating Skills and
  • Problem solving

Panel discussions provide the opportunity to hear from, interact with and learn from industry presidents and thought leaders. An MGA and Broker School, Insurance Beginners School and Commercial Property School are also offered on an annual basis.

Click here to read more about the AAMGA University, its programs and benefits.

AAMGA University Foundation

The University owes its continuing success to the on-going success to the support of many insurance industry leaders who have contributed to the non-profit foundation providing much of the University’s financing. The generosity of the companies and individuals comprising the Foundation’s core will ensure the University is able to sustain its programs and continue to provide members with relevant knowledge that can be implemented immediately to enhance performance and success.

Click here to see the list of Foundation contributors.

Educational Development / AAMGA University / Industry Workshops

The AAMGA is “…committed to advancing the knowledge of our members to provide better service, cultivate and complement their own capabilities, and to encourage the full utilization of technology.”

The Professional Development Center was created to enhance the business acumen of the AAMGA members.  Classes on business writing, understanding financial statements, negotiating practices, presentation skills, strategic planning, time management, Marketing and communications are offered.

The AAMGA sponsors “University Day” at the Annual Meeting and University Weekends on the east coast (in the spring) and west coast (in the summer), annually. These seminars are useful for members to satisfy their continuing education credits as well as helping the members deal with everyday business issues, and further develop their knowledge and skills on a variety of topics.

AAMGA is the only professional trade organization to have and offer insurance and business ethics class curriculum in the US and the UK.

AAMGA Distinguished Chair on Insurance and Risk Management

In partnership with the J. Mack Robinson College of Business at Georgia State University in Atlanta, GA, the AAMGA University Foundation has created the perpetual Distinguished Chair on Insurance and Risk Management. A full-time professor is chartered with the responsibility to conduct and lead research, write white papers and articles, and develop classes on the current status and future trends of the wholesale distribution network, and the excess and surplus lines insurance industry.

The AAMGA Chair has added greater strength and credibility, and has expanded the services and benefits the AAMGA University can provide to its members and the industry.

Leadership Committees

One of the greatest assets of the AAMGA is its committee structure. The committees provide the Association and its members with the ability to focus on strategic objectives in the areas of responsibility assigned to member experts which comprise each group.

The Committees are also the “incubators” of the AAMGA’s – and our industry’s - future leaders. A Board Member is assigned by the President each year as liaison to each of the respective committees, and works hand-in-hand with the committee chairs and members. The Standing Committees are:

A newly established Human Resource Sub Committee has worked to provide members with information needed to effectively manage their human capital investment. Information is provided regarding federal and state employment statutes and best practices beneficial to both employee and employer. The Human Resource Committee is dedicated to making it easier to share HR knowledge.

Each year, newly appointed members of the committees meet in June at “AAMGA Committee Day.” The weekend retreat is a chance for the Board Members and liaisons to meet with committee chairs and members, and to set strategic plans and budgets for the coming fiscal year.

Click here to participate on one of the AAMGA’s Committees

Committee members are also able to bring the knowledge and experience gained by their work with other members back within their own organizations. Together, the committees, University and Board of Directors provide the strength of action, and foster the AAMGA’s professional reputation in the insurance marketplace.

Resource for Information

The AAMGA provides a wealth of information and resources for its members. Within the AAMGA family you will find experience in both national and international business. Our members are professionals who have a high expertise in all types of insurance, finance, technology, imaging, compliance, regulatory issues and human resources.

The AAMGA website created a home for information and materials compiled from its members.  One of the goals of the organization is to ensure their members are always informed and successful. The AAMGA website, in conjunction with other forms of communication, is a place where information can be shared.

The AAMGA publishes a newsletter called Communique’.  The publication is filled with the latest information regarding meetings, current events, new website updates, AAMGA news, updates regarding individual committee progress, University news, and governmental updates.

Automation and Technology

The AAMGA’s Automation Committee develops and hosts an annual Automation Conference to survey the industry and provide members with valuable developments and information on current technology & trends. E-mails and other communications throughout the year focus on advances as they are developed. A “Users Group” comprised of industry members communicates through monthly conference calls and an on-line bulletin board on which important information and issues are exchanged.

The Automation Conference includes technology vendors, carriers, AAMGA, Acord and members of the National Association of Professional Surplus Line Offices.  Demonstrations of the latest technology and a trade show are provided, together with roundtable sessions, expert speakers, and panel discussions.

Governmental Affairs

The AAMGA Governmental Affairs Committee is charged with following developments of state and federal regulations, statutes and proposed new laws and communicating the impact of these to the membership.

Members regularly meet with state and federal officials to advance insurance reforms and matters of importance to the wholesale community.  Weekly podcasts are updated on the Governmental Affairs Committee’s webpage to provide members with important news and information impacting the wholesale community. Click here to see and hear what the Committee is following this week.

Links to each State’s Insurance Department are also provided on the webpage, as members seek to stay abreast of news, information and regulations in the respective states in which they transact business. An annual update of state excess and surplus lines regulations is also on the webpage, and can be viewed by clicking here.

AAMGA Under Forty Organization

The AAMGA’s Under Forty Organization (UFO), affords young insurance professionals (under the age of 40), with an opportunity to network, learn and exchange ideas with one another. Membership is free to all employees of AAMGA members. Recognizing the insurance market requires innovative and dedicated leaders, the AAMGA established the UFO in 1991 to train and educate the next generation of leaders in the insurance industry.  

Special educational and leadership classes and an annual meeting are also provided for UFO members. Click here to read about the last Annual Meeting, and to register for this year’s conference. Access to their own on-line network on LinkedIn is also available to all UFO members. Click here to join this social community, and be connected with UFO members on-line to collaborate and share information.

An international seminar is also afforded to select UFO members every two years. Past seminars have been to Munich, Germany, Bermuda, and London. These seminars provide access and exposure to other young professionals, industry leaders and provide an understanding as to the unique aspects of the international insurance industry.

Click here to watch a brief video and learn more about the AAMGA’s UFO. To join the UFO, click here.

Medjet Benefit

AAMGA members and their employees will travel through the year visiting customers, companies and offices.  What happens if you become ill or hospitalized?  The AAMGA in a special partnership with Colony Travel has designed a program especially for AAMGA members. MedjetAssist will provide comprehensive medical transportation in a medically equipped and staffed aircraft.

The program allows you access to get back home at a discounted price. Domestic air medical evacuation can average $15,000 and internationally it can exceed $75,000.  The MedjetAssist protection will provide travel protection at discounted rates:  $175 per individual, $275 for a family and those aged 75-85 at $307 as a Diamond Member.

Additional information and registration materials can be obtained at

On-Line Directory of Members

To view a current list of members of the AAMGA, click here. Here you will find the database that includes a company profile, relevant information and a company logo embedded into the website.

Website Information

The AAMGA website is a wealth of information regarding the

of our organization.  We are committed to sharing knowledge with our members and to encourage the full utilization of technology.

The AAMGA website is an ever evolving resource.  It provides industry news, and Government & Regulatory updates to its members. Educational opportunities are made available through seminars, networking and the AAMGA University.  The many committees are dedicated to improving access to information for our members. Information regarding the Under Forty Organization is made available to our young up and coming professionals.

Other benefits of the AAMGA website are our members now have access to a full range of Human Resource information.  Guidelines for an Employee Handbook and other Employment related information, links regarding labor issues and information regarding employment law and management.

The website also contains various videos for use in marketing and recruitment. Click here to watch the recruitment video.

WxWarn Weather Warning Program

The Weather Warning program will provide AAMGA members with an ability to have real-time access to weather related activities by State and County across the United States. The program is designed to download and provide weather data published by the National Weather Service (NWS). The program monitors NWS warnings, watches and forecasts, and provides an alert as new ones are issued. Audio alerts announce the location and nature of each report. The software can be configured to monitor the entire United States, or just a state, county or county list. It can also monitor and screen for specific alerts. The program will display up to 12 real-time weather graphics that can be configured for content and size. The software requires Windows and an active Internet connection for current NWS data. The program is provided to AAMGA members free of charge and fully functional for permanent use. The program does come with a small banner advertisement, but users can register for $7 to remove the advertisement if desired. Please click here to download this valuable software.