Certified Managing General Agency


The CMGA designation reflects the many educational activities of your employees. As a result, you can obtain the hours from a variety of sources:

  • Stand-alone University courses.
  • Courses offered in conjunction with Association events, such as University Day at the Annual meeting, Fall Insurance & Legislative Roundtable Meeting.
  • Approved University self-study courses.
  • University courses offered at your office.
  • Industry technical programs such as CPCU, CIC, IIA, RPLU, etc.
  • Non-University education, which might include participation at American Management Association courses, programs offered by software vendors, etc.

Designation Requirements

The University Administrative Council and the University Accreditation Committee are responsible for establishing the allowable number of hours for each category. This is done primarily to assure that a CMGA's educational activities reflect a broad range of courses. Minimum requirements for obtaining the designation are listed below.

  1. A minimum of 30% of the total hours must be earned in University sponsored courses and no more than 50% of these hours may come from on-site programs. An on-site program is a University course that is taught at your agency and/or for your retailers. (Note, this is changed for 2003, eliminating the restriction on in-house programs.)
  2. A maximum of 8 hours per individual may be earned through completion of University approved technical self-study courses. A maximum of 20 hours per person may be earned by participating in the Creating the Future Leadership Development course. A complete listing of available self-study courses is contained in the University Catalog. Up to 30% of total agency hours may be earned through self-study.
  3. No one employee can contribute more than 25% of the required hours.
  4. Up to 10% of the total number of hours needed to qualify for the designation may be obtained from non-University, non-technical courses offered by outside providers. If you have any questions about whether a specific course will qualify, contact a member of the Accreditation Committee or the AAMGA University Director of Education.

This packet is designed to help you collect the necessary information needed to apply for the designation. Follow the steps listed in the instructions and provide the requested information on the enclosed worksheets. If you have the hours, courses, employee names, etc., in a Word, Excel, or other electronic form, it is not necessary for you to transfer the data to these worksheets. You may simply send the forms with your application.

Certified Managing General Agency (CMGA)

AAMGA member agencies that have met the requirements and proudly distinguish themselves as Certified Managing General Agencies are:

  • Abram Interstate Insurance Services, Inc., CMGA
  • AmWINS Transportation Underwriters, Inc., CMGA
  • Bass Underwriters, Inc., CMGA
  • Bloss & Dillard, Inc., CMGA
  • Chris-Leef General Agency, CMGA
  • Creative Underwriters Corporation/Creative Independence Corp., CMGA
  • D.M.I. Insurance Services, Inc., CMGA
  • Forest Insurance Facilities, Inc., CMGA
  • Green Mountain Agency, Inc., CMGA
  • Greenwich Transportation Underwriters, CMGA
  • Hanover Excess & Surplus, Inc., CMGA
  • J.E. Brown & Associates, CMGA
  • Jimcor Agencies, CMGA
  • Johnson & Johnson, Inc., CMGA
  • LoVullo Associates, Inc., CMGA
  • MacNeill Group, Inc., CMGA
  • Market Finders Insurance Corp., CMGA
  • Metcom Excess, CMGA
  • Myron F. Steves & Company, CMGA
  • Pelican General Insurance Agency, LLC, CMGA
  • Rothert Insurance, CMGA
  • RPS Covington, CMGA
  • RPS Lexington, CMGA
  • RPS Minneapolis, CMGA
  • RPS Roswell, CMGA
  • RPS Scobie Group, CMGA
  • RPS Scobie Group, CMGA
  • RPS Scobie Group, CMGA
  • Russell Bond & Co., Inc., CMGA
  • Scobie Group Eau Claire, CMGA
  • SeaCoast Underwriters, Inc., CMGA
  • Sierra Specialty Insurance Services, Inc., CMGA
  • Southern Cross Underwriters, CMGA
  • Southern Insurance Underwriters, Inc., CMGA
  • Specialty Risk Associates, Inc., CMGA
  • Surplus Line Managers, CMGA
  • Tuscano Agency, Inc., CMGA
  • W. A. Schickedanz Agency, Inc., CMGA
  • W. E. Love & Assoc., Inc., CMGA
  • Worldwide Facilities, Inc., CMGA

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