Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee investigates complaints against members. If an AAMGA member is convicted of violating state or federal laws, the AAMGA’s Code of Ethics,  or other industry customs and practices, he or she, or the respective violating corporate entity, can be expelled from the organization. All such matters will be referred to the AAMGA’s Ethics Committee for full investigation and further action as warranted.

The Committee is comprised of the President, Immediate Past President, President Elect and the Executive Director of the AAMGA, with the Immediate Past President serving as Chair of the Committee.

The Ethics Committee will review the evidence gathered, hear the respective positions of the parties and, after deliberation, provide a recommendation of action to the Board of Directors which will act thereon promptly.

Penalties may range from full expulsion from the AAMGA to a 1 to 2 year suspension or censure.

The Ethics Committee also supervises the AAMGA’s R. Max Williamson Chair on Insurance and Business Ethics, which provides continuing education classes approved by all 50 state insurance departments. The courses focus on ethical insurance practices and behaviors, and drafting an ethics statement for an insurance enterprise.