Our Committees

One of the greatest assets of the AAMGA is its committee structure. The committees provide the Association and its members with the ability to focus on strategic objectives in the areas of responsibility assigned to member experts which comprise each group. The Committees are also the “incubators” of the AAMGA’s – and our industry’s - future leaders. A Board Member is assigned by the President each year as liaison to each of the respective committees, and works hand-in-hand with the committee chairs and members. The Standing Committees are:

The immediate past president is also assigned the task of chairing the following committees: Bylaws, Code of Ethics and Nominations.

The President also has it his discretion, the ability to convene special Ad Hoc Committees, and to appoint its members. These have included a special bylaws review committee, the addition of international members and the current “Vision 2018” Committee.

The progress of the committees is reported on at each meeting of the AAMGA’s Board of Directors, on the website and in the quarterly newsletter, the AAMGA Communiqué. Further, the benefits of goals and objectives achieved by the committees translate directly to benefits for all AAMGA members and the wholesale distribution network itself.

Each year, newly appointed members of the committees meet in June at “AAMGA Committee Day.” The weekend retreat is a chance for the Board Members and liaisons to each committee to meet with committee chairs and members, and to set strategic plans and budgets for the coming fiscal year.

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In short, the committees provide an integral role in fostering the objectives of the AAMGA. Committee members are also able to bring the knowledge and experience gained by their work with other members back within their own organizations. Together, the committees, University and Board of Directors provide the strength of action, and foster the AAMGA’s professional reputation in the insurance marketplace.