AAMGA was established in 1926 and has continuously served the interests of companies and agents for more than three quarters of a century. Membership in the Association is highly selective. Those managing general agents admitted to the ranks of the nationals association must first have demonstrated high standards of excellence and experience, integrity and company representation. Facilities include full underwriting, production and claims staff who supervise and perform such services for companies.

Woman taking notes In 1983, the AAMGA opened its membership ranks to domestic and foreign insurance companies, underwriters and other organizations that provided significant insurance related services to the Wholesale Insurance system. To be eligible, these companies must have been in business for more than one year and be nominated by three or more active members.

In order to enhance the AAMGA's leadership role this vital segment of the insurance industry, the Association' Board of Directors has developed a group of significant member services. In addition:

  • AAMGA members are committed to providing the most economically efficient means of insurance distribution.
  • AAMGA members are committed to maintaining a sound professionals image, continuing education and long-range personal development. They work with industry professionals to hold timely and informative educational training sessions aimed at enhancing members' professional competence and capabilities.
  • AAMGA members are committed to a thriving insurance industry. Members convene at the Annual and other regular meeting throughout the year to communicate and cooperate with other segments of the insurance industry to support improvements in the business of insurance. Further, the annual "Trade Mart" and International Seminar provide mechanism through which Active and Associate Members establish contacts and foster relationships for their mutual benefits.

Working with insurance companies, insurance related business and agents, AAMGA has continued service to the insurance industry with renewed commitment to growth and prosperity for its member companies and the industry they serve.

AAMGA’s “Proud History - Bright Future”

Volume I / 1926 - 1991

Volume II / 1991 - 2011

Testimonial Videos

Tom Albrecht

Tom Albrecht
2007 - 2008

Curtis Anderson

Curtis Anderson, CIC
2009 - 2010

Scott Anderson

Scott M. Anderson, CIW
2006 - 2007

Euclid Black

Euclid Black
2008 - 2009

Paul Davis

Paul Davis, CIW
1998 - 1999

Wes Duesenberg, Jr.

Wes Duesenberg, Jr., CIW
1987 - 1988

Robert Giles

Robert S. Giles, CIW
2002 - 2003

Preston Gough, Jr.

Preston H. Gough. Jr., CIW
1995 - 1996

Joe Hutelmyer

Joseph P. Hutelmyer, CIW
2004 - 2005

Francis Johnson

Francis Johnson
2005 - 2006

Leonard Lovullo

Leonard Lovullo, CIW
2000 - 2001

Jim Roe

Jim Roe
1999 - 2000

Tom Rogan

Tom Rogan, CIW
1991 - 1992

Mark Rothert

Mark A. Rothert, CIW
2010 - 2011

Peter Scobie

Peter B. Scobie, CIW
1988 - 1989

Fred Steves

Fred B. Steves, CIW
1992 - 1993